Developers of Federal Coin

Road Map

  • 2018

  • 1 January
    Market demands study
    • Market analysis and analysis of the needs of customers and businesses
    • Recruitment of early token holders for creating the prerelease version of the product ($200 000)
    • Testing the business’s launch to the international market
    • Engagement of the first sellers. Development of the strategy of business’s launch to the international market
    • Marketplace design project. Launch of the first stores to the international market. Resolving product logistics issues
  • 5 January
    Product development start
    • Marketplace development. Resolving international marketing issues
    • Resolving multilingual support issues
  • 2018

  • 10 January
    The earliest version of the product
    • The development of the first version of the store
    • Preparation for use of the blockchain technology in the project
    • Start of composing the Whitepaper
    • Engaging the stores in the platform testing
    • The introduction of the stores to the platform potential.
    • Store builder.
    • Comprehensive catalog of all items.
    • Basic online store functions.
    • The second round of financing
  • 15 January
    Token sale preparation
    • The alpha version of the product.
    • Start of marketing campaigns on Token sale.
    • Start of creating the Storiqa community
    • Token Pre‑sale
    • The presentation of the project for early token holders.
    • Pre-sale funding
  • Feb-March
    Token Pre‑sale and Token sale
    • The presentation of the basic functionality to the stores
    • The project presentation for token holders
    • Start of funding for the launch of the product to the market
    • The project presentation for token holders in worldwide
    • The product demo version
    • Completion Token sale
    • MVP
  • 2018

  • April
    Cryptocurrency payment and smart contract implementation
    • Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments Internal currency exchange system and Multicurrency digital wallet
    • Launch of the first points of the verification of Storiqa
    • Warehouse accounting system launch
    • Smart contracts integrated with logistics systems
  • April
    Efficient promotion & Integration
    • Unblocking 5% of development fund
    • Efficient promotion tools
    • Mobile application development
    • Localization in additional languages
    • Launch of the internal CPA network for opinion leaders
    • Unblocking 5% of development fund US market entry
    • Development of additional functions Integration with third-party services
    • Smart contract on Github
    • We publish our source code on GitHub because of a strong will to be fair and square

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